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Introducing our team

Our team is leveraging first hand industrial experience in the development and commercialization of an extensive range of power semiconductor technologies.

Dr. Munaf Rahimo

His journey with power semiconductors started in 1992 with the simplest and sometimes the most challenging device concept, the fast recovery diode. He began developing power diodes for industry in 1996, and his strong diode background served as an ideal base to expend into different types of power devices including IGBTs, IGCTs, MOSFETs and Thyristors. He was also involved in the development of Silicon Carbide MOSFETs and Diodes.


He has pioneered and patented many advanced device concepts, which have been developed into technology leading products that are installed in a wide range of applications around the world. As a proven technology leader and visionary, he plans to dedicate his innovation skills and practical experience to continue the journey with power semiconductors at mqSemi.

Dr. Iulian Nistor

His career in the power semiconductor and energy industries spans more than a decade in various corporate R&D leadership and regional marketing roles. He has been involved in developing advanced silicon based power semiconductor technology platforms, Wide Bandgap process capabilities and new power electronics applications.


He holds a strong belief that power semiconductors will become a universal and fundamental building block in all major aspects of life where efficient and clean electrical power processing systems are required. In his current role, Iulian is supporting the technology and commercial roll-out of novel and high performance power semiconductor products developed by mqSemi.

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